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  Mohan Lal
Malayalam Super Star
  its no more a secret
any more.. its out
there for you to
try and achive
your fitness goals
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  Tara Leniston
Hollywood Actor
  I was looking for some
thing that can give me
fast results and get me
on a good shape too..
Jaison gave me them all
in just 30 mins workout...
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Mohan Lal - Super Star [Malayalam]

It s almost impossible to enjoy life if one is in poor health. The mere absence of pain or illness is not necessarily a sign of good ehalth. Health encompasses physical, mental and social well-being. The human body can stay well if treated correctly. What's more, if it does become unwell, it has the capacity to heal itself. unfortunately, not many of us know how to stay well.

Wellness is worth striving after. Mr. Jaison Paulson is someone who is eminently qualified to guide and direct others along the road to good health. I speak from personal experience since he has been my physical trainer and friend for quite a while. He is able to prescribe physical exercises and recommend changes in diet to suit each individual. His holistic approach to fitness is indeed commendable and I consider myself fortunate to have access to his services.

Mr. Paulson has set up Family Wellness Hubs in Kochi, something that can be of benefit to the whole family. Knowing from personal experience how beneficial his services are, I would urge all those who care about their health to use his facility to improve their quality of life. Mr Paulson will be on hand to counsel those in need of advice. In due couse there will be similar facilities in other places but for now Kochi is the "happening place"! Mr. Jaison Paulson has my very best wishes and I look forward to continuing to avail myself of his services.

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Jaisons One Great Trainer
One innovative system, all the gym moves.

Jaison Paulson is an international celebrity fitness trainer whose clients include royalty from the Middle East and West Asia, Hollywood and Indian actors and a host of other clients across the five continents.

His experience spans a decade and half, which he has used to the maximum benefit by designing innovative fitness equipment and systems that have made and continues to make thousands of people feel proud of their healthy bodies. 

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